If the job boards you want to post to are not available in Recruitee, the best way to post Jobs there is to do it manually.

Option 1 – Use Job's link

1. Click 'Jobs' on the left menu.

2. Click the 'Edit' button of the Job you want to post.

3. Scroll down to the 'Job's link' and 'Job inbox' box on the right > Click the link under 'Job's link' to copy it.

4. Paste this 'Job's link' to the job boards you want to post to. Or include it in your job description on those job boards.

Note: The 'Job's link' will direct all applicants from those job boards to your designed application form and screening questions (if applicable). As a result, all application data will be logged properly in your Recruitee pipeline.

5. Let us know which job boards you posted to via support@recruitee.com

We will contact them for partnership so that you can have them in Recruitee as soon as possible.

Option 2 – Create your own XML feed (*ADVANCED*)

Note: This is an advanced setup that requires programming knowledge.

1. Get your company's careers site's public API.

2. Format it into XML. You can use tools like this to copy-paste your API and format it.

3. Send your XML to the job boards you want to post to.

4. All your Jobs will be pushed to the job boards automatically.

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