Here is the Jobs widget doc.

If you want to display your Published Jobs from Recruitee on your own website, while keeping them up-to-date with further changes, you can follow these five steps.

1. Go to "Settings" on the left menu.

2. Under "Apps and plugins", click "Jobs widget".

3. In the "Settings" tab, select the options you want.

  • "Companies" lets you choose which company account you want to show Jobs from.
  • "Action" lets you choose how the Jobs will appear when candidates click on them.
  • "Theme colors" lets you choose the styling of the Jobs. The default styling will be taken from your current Careers Site.

Primary: primary colour of job widget
Secondary: secondary colour of job widget
Text: colour of the text

  • "Visible" lets you choose whether to show the city and country details of each Job.
  • "Group by" lets you choose how to group the Jobs.
  • "Filter departments" lets you choose to show only Jobs from some of your current departments.
  • "Display language" lets you choose the language the Jobs will appear in.

4. Click "Save theme" to save your choices for future reference.

5. Click the "Preview" tab to see how your options from step #2 look like.

6. Click the "Code (sync)" or "Code (async)" tab to get the JS code of the options you chose in step 2. 

NOTE: "Code (sync)" might block your website if your CDN is slow or down. "Code (async)" can avoid this blocking. Please consult your technical team about which code to use.

7. Click the "Copy to clipboard" button in the top right corner of the JS code you want to use. This will copy the exact code you see.

8. Paste the JS code into your website's HTML where you want to show the Jobs.

9. Read more: Track candidates applying via the Jobs widget.

NOTE: By default, candidates applying for Jobs shown with the widget will have their source registered as the domain where the widget is implemented. You can check this source in their profiles or in the "Reports" section.

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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