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To get more out of Recruitee, you can use our public API to automate your workflow and integrate with your website and other software.

⚠️ APIs require advanced programming knowledge from users. We only provide limited support in managing the APIs. You can find a detailed scope of our API support below.

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Recruitee's Careers Site API

⚠️ If you use Recruitee's Careers Site API to post Jobs from Recruitee to your own website, your default careers site hosted by Recruitee (yourcompany.recruitee.com) will still be live. Contact our support team via chat if you would like to disable your default careers site.

Recruitee's ATS API

The ATS API requires authentication. You can generate your own API token under Settings > Apps and plugins > Personal API tokens.

Click + New token in the top-right to generate a personal API token. A personal API token does not expire unless a user has revoked it.

For more information, please refer to the documentation linked above.

Recruitee's full API endpoint documentation

⚠️ This document is auto-generated, and it takes a little longer to load. Please be patient, as the website might not be responsive within the first 10-15 seconds of loading.

API support

If you send a request to Recruitee API and get an unexpected error in response, please contact our support via chat.

⚠️ More comprehensive support is only available to our Optimize plans.

Actions that are in the scope of our support:

  • Identifying the right API endpoint to suit your specific needs

  • Directing you to the right place in our API documentation

  • Providing you with an example cURL that you can use as a template for your API request

Actions that are out of the scope of our support:

  • Designing and building your custom API integration from scratch

  • Code-reviewing your API integration after we have verified that the particular endpoint you’re using is working correctly

  • Coding support in any programming language

If you’re missing an endpoint or have any other questions related to the APIs, please contact our support via chat.

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