You can gain more insights on your candidates in a fraction of the time by having candidates self-record video answers to your interview, and screening, questions. Whether you’re determining a candidate’s ability to present or hoping to check for a language fluency, Recruitee's Video Answers are a simple, seamless way to do it.

Important: Chrome will decline access to the camera when being accessed via HTTP. You can request to enable SSL (HTTPS) on your custom domain.

When you choose Video Answer as the format of a question in your Application forms, we'll ask candidates to record their answers in a video. Recruitee will store that video, along with every other piece of candidate information, right in their candidate profile.

This way, multiple members of your team can check out their responses – saving your pre-screen time and letting you get to know your candidates a little bit better, even before you meet them.

Note: there is no file limit size when you upload your video.

Adding Video Answers to your application form

Click the ‘Message’ drop-down menu at the top of your user list and select ‘Auto Message’ from there.

Navigate to the application from, from one of your jobs and select 'Video Answer' from there.

Write up a new question that you'd like the candidate to answer in video format – in the example above, we've used "What are the top three things most important to you in a job?" but feel free to get creative: You can ask candidates how they use a product you sell, why they want to work at your company or maybe how they'd sell the company product back to you.

To choose the microphone and camera to use for recording your video, just click the wheel and select your preferred option.

Answer time limits

Your next step is to set the duration for your video answer.

Note: Like all questions, you can opt to make the video response a requirement or not. Your candidates will have the opportunity to re-record their responses as many times as necessary before submitting.

What’s next? 

Check out how you can add video answers to your questionnaires to engage your candidates and get the answers you need.

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