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Send questionnaires to improve your hiring process
Send questionnaires to improve your hiring process

Use questionnaires to screen candidates and get the answers you need

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Questionnaires are sets of one or more custom questions that you share with candidates – either during the initial candidate application process or at a later stage.

For example, you can:

  • Send candidates a test in your email communication with them.

  • Survey candidates about their interview experience to gain valuable insights into your talent acquisition strategy.

  • Send candidates a set of screening questions instead of email templates.

How to create a questionnaire

First, create a new questionnaire

Add a new Questionnaire by clicking + New template. Name your Questionnaire. Then, for each question, enter your question and optional description in the fields provided.


  • There is no limit to the number of questionnaires you can add. For each question, you can choose from seven different response types in the drop-down.

  • You can also let candidates attach a file and include an infobox on top of the questionnaire for a more descriptive introduction, for example, when you are sending over an assignment.

  • Once you have created your questionnaires, you can insert them into your emails to candidates.

  • Whenever you follow a candidate, you will receive a notification once they have completed a questionnaire.

Question response types

Video answer

One-way video answers give you plenty of ways to get to know your candidates early on in the hiring process. Asking a candidate to respond to a question with a video is as easy as choosing Video Answer as the question response type.


Text responses are perfect for short form questions. These should be used when you're expecting responses from one word to a couple of sentences.

Yes or No

These should be used when you're asking closed questions, such as whether a candidate will require a visa or has a drivers license.

Multiple Choice

With a multiple choice response, the candidate will select the best possible answer out of the options you provide.

Drop-down responses allow candidates to select from a drop-down list of options.

Scale rating

Scale ratings allow your candidates to rate topics on a scale from 1 to 5.


Allows you to ask a question which requires the candidate to answer with numbers.


Allows the candidate to enter their salary expectations in the currency of your choice.

Sending questionnaires

Currently you can quickly access your questionnaires from 4 different views:


When creating a new email you can insert your questionnaire link into the email to a candidate. Only candidates in your Recruitee account can fill in your questionnaires.

Candidate profile

You can send an email, including a questionnaire, directly from a candidate's profile.


Search for a specific set of candidates and select 1 or more to send them an email which includes your questionnaire.

Job pipelines

Click bulk actions and select one or more candidates to send them an email.

Ideas for questionnaires

There are many powerful ways you can send Questionnaires to specific candidates. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gather feedback from your candidates

  • Send an interview experience survey: If you’d like to survey candidates that came in for an interview and get qualitative feedback from them, you can send them a survey. You can ask your candidates about how they were being kept in the loop at every stage or ask for improvements on your overall recruiting process. Then, armed with this data, you can make improvements to your talent acquisition strategy.

  • Test critical thinking with an assignment: You can send promising candidates an assignment. For example, you can introduce the assignment with an infobox and have candidates upload their assignment to have it stored in their candidate profile.

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