Interview scheduling has always been one of the most frustrating and time consuming chores of recruiting. Scheduler lets you schedule interviews with with more than one person. Scheduler works with your synced calendar to automatically check the availability of all interviewers'. It shows not only when interviewers are busy but exactly what they are doing so that the schedule can apply judgment about what existing calendar appointments can be moved around.

Here’s how to schedule an interview with multiple interviewers:

Connect your calendar

Choose your calendar platform to sync your calendar in "Settings". If there are multiple calendars in your account, you can choose which ones you would like Scheduler to check for conflicts.

This means that if you have a ‘busy’ event in your synced calendar, Scheduler will see that you are unavailable, and automatically remove any conflicting times from your scheduling page.

Important: you are setting up a two-way sync, meaning that you can choose to show the times your are booked or to include the event titles as well. Here's more about syncing your calendar.

Important: check the box "Public" if you want the events' time and titles in the synced Google Calendar to be visible to your team members. Uncheck the box "Public", when you sync your personal calendar, if you want only the events' time in the synced Google Calendar to be visible to your team members. Your team members will see scheduled events but without the title.

Creating a scheduler link

A scheduler link is a link that can be shared through your email conversations with candidates (templates, slack, chat, etc.). When a candidate clicks on your link, they’ll be directed to a landing page where they can choose to schedule a time to connect with you.

To create your link, click "New Scheduler link" and give your link a name (related to a open role, like 'Customer Success Manager'). Your new scheduler link will appear in the scheduler overview of all your created links.

Setting up availability

Scheduler allows you to choose when you would like to be available for each event type. You can choose the date range as to how long you want to offer your availability in the future and when you want your scheduling link to expire, to avoid getting double-booked.

Set your available hours when candidates can schedule events with you. Add other team members to pool their availability.

Note: They need to have their calendars synced as well for Scheduler to detect any scheduling conflicts.

Important: you can choose to schedule a video, on-site and phone interview as your event type.

Scheduler only shows candidates times when all team members are available. When a candidate books a timeslot, all team members are added to the calendar event and their availability is booked.

Now you can decide on the event type (phone or on-site interview), how long the event will take, and the location where this event will be taking place. 

Next, select the time zone in which the event will take place. When a candidate schedules an event with you, it is published to your calendar in the time zone you set for the event.

Note: when setting up your scheduling link, you can send a direct request to the other team members that they need to fill out the evaluation form after the interview.

What’s next? 

Now that you have set up your link, learn how to share your link with your candidates.

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