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Event reminders are email notifications you can send to your candidates at different times to remind them of their upcoming interviews. You can select when and how many reminders you want to send. With Event reminders, you can ensure your candidates are aware of the upcoming meetings they have with you and reduce no shows.

Example email reminder for a candidate

📌 The reminder text is always the same and can’t be adjusted.

Setting up event reminders

On a candidate profile when you want to schedule an event, click on Schedule on the top right corner.

After you selected a date for the interview on step 1, click Continue at the bottom.

During step 2, you can choose to send event reminders to the candidate.

📌 Event reminders are disabled by default but Recruitee remembers your preference and enables them if you have previously ticked the box.

At the bottom of step 2, select with the drop down menu when you want the reminder to be sent to the candidate’s email address.

You can send the reminder at a time of your choice with the custom option.

Once you are finished with setting up reminders, click Notify and schedule.

Send multiple reminders

When you have selected a reminder, you can add another when you click + Add another. There are no limits to the number of reminders you can send.

Each time an event reminder is sent, it is added to the Activity tab on the candidate’s profile.

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