Search Jobs

1. Click "Jobs" on the left menu.

2. Type a Job's title, or associated tag, in the search bar in the top left corner to search for that Job.

View Jobs

Quickly find get an overview of the status of each job. Adjust the columns to quickly find the data you need.

  • "Candidates": see the number of candidates that are in each Job.
  • "New candidates": see the number of new candidates for each Job.
  • "Department": see which department hiring per Job.
  • "Location": quickly understand the locations that belong to each Job.
  • "Tags": view Jobs based on tags.
  • "Qualified": understand the number of qualified candidates applied per Job.
  • "Disqualified": understand the number of disqualified candidates applied per Job.
  • "Create date": see how long each Job has been open for.

Reorder Jobs

1. Click "Jobs" on the left menu.

2. Click the "Reorder" button next to "+ New Job"

NOTE: This option will only be available if the option next to it is "No sorting".

3. Drag & drop the Jobs' hamburger icons to move them into the order you want.

4. Click "Finish reordering".

Group Jobs

1. Click "Jobs" on the left menu.

2. The default view of Jobs is "No group" > Click "No group".

3. Select how you want to group your Jobs.

  • "Department": group Jobs according to the "Department" field you filled out for each Job when creating it.
  • "Title": group Jobs alphabetically.
  • "Location": sort Jobs based on location.

What’s next?
Now you know how to create a job posting, it's time to check out how to manage your departments to see how your Careers Site will look.

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