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If your team works across multiple locations, you can easily organize jobs and requisitions by assigning them specific locations in Recruitee. Plus, you can also tag candidates' profiles with their preferred work locations to keep everything neatly organized.

⚠️ If you cannot manage locations, request the permissions to do so from your administrator. To enable this permission, go to Settings > Company > Hiring roles and select the tab Company.

Create a new location

In Settings > Company > Locations, you can start creating new locations.

To create a new location, click + New Locations.

📌 You can translate the name and details of a location in different languages. Languages are displayed based on the Settings > Company Settings > Languages you selected.

💡 If you'd like to offer more localized experience for candidates, make sure to translate the location into job's language.

Give the location a name, and select a country and a city.

You can also include a "Public note", which can be displayed on the job page.

To save a new location, click Save.

Edit, Delete or Archive a location

You can edit a location with the pen icon at the right-hand side of each location.

Once you attach a location to a job posting, any change is applied to all the places where it’s used (e.g. Jobs, reports, and requisitions).

With See jobs, you can see which jobs are affected by the edit.

The three dots allow you to either duplicate, archive, or delete a location.

All Archived locations can be retrieved or deleted.

When a location is archived, it remains attached and visible on the job on Recruitee, but it does not appear on the Career site where the job is published and candidates can no longer apply to it.

If, after you create a job, you archive the location attached to it, the word Archived appears on top of the Location to remind you to change the Location, delete, or archive the job.

💡 You can archive a location for reporting purposes instead of deleting it.

📌You can only delete a location if you have not assigned it to any job.

Once your locations are ready, assign them to your jobs and requisitions! You can also use them as candidate work location.

Merge a location

If you have duplicates, you can merge locations into one.

Select two or more locations on the Settings > Location page.

Click Merge at the top.

Select which of the selections needs to become the primary location.

All jobs, preferred locations, and requisition approvals associated with it are now associated with the selected location and substitute all other location details.

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