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In Tasks, you can view and keep track of all ongoing and done tasks across your company. This helps you streamline workflows in all recruitment processes.

Add a task

To create a new task, type in the title inside the input and set the due date and time. Click the plus icon to choose an assignee. You can assign the task to yourself, to a team member, or leave it unassigned. If you assign a task to a team member, they will receive notifications about it.

📌 Note:

You can also assign a task in the same way on a candidate’s profile. If a team member assigns a task to you on the candidate’s profile, you will see it there as well.

Filter tasks

On the right side, you can filter the tasks by the assignee. This can be you, (My tasks), your team (Everyone’s tasks), or nobody (Tasks without assignees). Additionally, you can sort tasks by the due date and the added date. This helps you manage the recruitment process by ensuring that everything is progressing smoothly.

Mark a task as completed

Once you’ve completed a task, you can check it off.

Overdue tasks

If you want to be notified about tasks that are overdue, you can enable daily reminders in notification settings. We will notify you every morning about the tasks that are due that day or overdue.

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