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My LinkedIn integration isn't working. What can I do?

💡 Please remember that you require admin permissions in your LinkedIn Recruiter account in order to integrate with Recruitee and use the Apply with LinkedIn feature. You can learn more about administrator permissions in this LinkedIn Help Center article.

1. Please log out of both Recruitee and LinkedIn Recruiter in your browser and clear the cache.

2. Go to LinkedIn and log in to your corporate LinkedIn Recruiter account in a separate tab.

3. Go to Recruitee and log in to your Recruitee account.

5. Click "Integrate now" next to Apply with LinkedIn.

6. Click "Choose package" in the pop-up window.

7. Under "Apply package", check "Apply with LinkedIn" only (make sure no other box is checked)

8. Click "Save changes".

This should solve the problem but if after following these steps, you are still experiencing any issues, please contact our support department.

How can we become a Recruitee partner?

Great to hear you are be interested in building a partnership with us. 😊

To learn more about our partnership programs and to connect with our Partnership team directly, please click here for more information. Once you submit your details, a member of our partnership team will be in touch.

What are common integrations that work with Recruitee?

You will find all integrations on our Marketplace.

Our Help Center contains further instructions on specific integrations here.

You can find integration field mapping explained in detail here.

Common integrations include:

- Zapier

- Slack, Microsoft Teams, zoom, Google Meet, JustCall, Joboti

- GMail, Outlook, IMAP

- Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook Calendar

- Sign Request, DocuSign, Dropbox Sign

- Amazon Redshift

- Refapp, Checkr, Verified First

and many more!

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