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How can I get an API token?

To obtain the API token in Recruitee, you may follow these steps:

Within your Recruitee account, navigate to Settings > Apps and plugins > Personal API tokens, located under your company details.

Click on the '+ New token' button in the top-right corner to generate your personal API token.

💡 Keep in mind that the permissions associated with this API token will be based on the Hiring Role of the person who created it. It does not expire unless a user has revoked it.

How can I find company, job, and candidate IDs for an API call?


Via a candidate:

* Go to a specific Job in Recruitee.

* Click on any candidate listed within this job.

* Look for the Offer ID in the URL, which is located after "offerid=".

Note: The offer ID that contains letters and numbers is available next to the job title when editing a job, but please be aware that it cannot be used for API purposes.

You can also locate the offer id via the developer tools on the respective job on your career site.


Via a candidate:

* Navigate to a candidate profile in Recruitee.

* The Candidate ID will be visible in the URL after "candidate=".

In Audit Logs:

* Go to a candidate profile in Recruitee.

* The Candidate ID can be found in the URL after "candidate=".


You can find the company id in Recruitee by one of these steps:

* Access the Company Settings.

* Open your User Profile.

* Additionally, the company id can also be obtained through Personal API tokens in Recruitee.

How can I get the company's XML feed?

To access your company's XML feed, you have multiple options:

* Formatted XML feed: Use the following URL for formatted XML data: https://[companyname].recruitee.com/api/feeds/offers.xml

* Raw XML feed: If you prefer the raw XML data, utilize this URL: https://[companyname].recruitee.com/api/offers.xml

* JSON feed: For JSON data, use the following URL: https://[companyname].recruitee.com/api/offers

To make use of these feeds, replace "[companyname]" with the name of your own company in the URL.

Please note that the provided XML feeds cannot be customized. However, you have the option to create your own XML feed using the API. For more detailed information on this topic, feel free to check this documentation here.

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