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Why does my created event show incorrect job data?

This applies only when the multi-language feature is activated:

Events are initially set to the language configuration specified by the account user who created them, unless only one language is available.

Initially, you may observe limited languages available for a job. However, by visiting the language settings within the job and enabling it once, you can uncover potential translations that might have been added. 💡

Please exercise caution when duplicating a job, as all translations from the original job will still be accessible in the system and may automatically apply to the newly duplicated job.

Disabling a specific language will impact the careers page, but the translation will persist in the database and within Recruitee. Be aware that disabling a language solely prevents the job posting from being displayed on the careers site in that particular language.


Let's say your account is configured in German. The event is initially created in German, and if the multi-language feature is enabled in your company settings, we'll import the job's German translation (if available) from the database.


To address this issue, you should either remove the German translation or correct it within the job's translation.

Is Recruitee using AI when creating a job?

You can use AI for helping to create job descriptions and requirements. Find more information here.

How can I change the auto-confirmation email for a single job?

You can set the auto-confirmation per job in two different places:

Managing Auto-confirmation email templates Create auto-confirmation email templates and select a default one.

Job Settings If you want to use a different template for a job, simply pick an auto-confirmation email template in the Workflow settings of the job or adjust it there to make the email custom for the particular job.

How can I find the job/offer ID (to be used for API)?

You can locate your job/offer ID with the following steps:

Via a candidate profile

- Navigate to a job

- Click on any candidate within this job

- You will find the Offer ID of the job in the URL after offerid=

On the careers site

- Navigate to the desired job

- Right-click and choose 'Inspect' to open Developer Tools

- The Offer ID will be shown in the first line of the body in the Elements Tab

Note: The job ID that contains letters and numbers can be found when editing a job next to the title. It cannot be used for API.

How can I change the banner/background image per job?

Current behavior

It is not possible to have individual banners per job. You can only change the image for all jobs at once in the CareersHub on the Job Details page.


There are two options:

Option 1:

You can create the generic Job Details page. From there, you can add individual images in the job description itself.

Option 2:

You can also try to achieve your goal with using custom CSS. Please keep in mind that this requires a developer and needs to be set up entirely on your end.

However, we can give you a few tips to help you along!

Customize job page headline background per job tag

1. Find selectors in developer tools.

2. Paste this as CSS custom code:

Custom background image:

.custom-css-selector-job-page-tag-new-york 2.custom-css-style-first-section-background { 3 background-image: url(https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/04/23/22/00/tree-736885_1280.jpg); 4 background-position-y: bottom; // optional 5}

Custom background color:

.custom-css-selector-job-page-tag-new-york 2.custom-css-style-first-section-background { 3 background-color: red; 4}

3) Feedback idea for the product team

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