Sometimes your calendar can get disconnected and there might be different reasons for that. More often than not, all you need to do to resolve the issue is re-sync your calendar.

Re-syncing your calendar

Follow these steps to re-sync your disconnected calendar:

1. Go to Settings > My account > Profile

2. Go to Calendars tab

3. Click the Trash icon next to your disconnected calendar

4. Click Disconnect calendar in the pop up dialog

5. Click +Sync Calendar

6. Follow the syncing process again

If you are unable to re-sync your calendar (e.g. you’re getting an error message), check out the troubleshooting tips below.

Connected with sync restrictions (intermittent sync)

Sometimes your calendar may be only partially synced with Recruitee, even though it’s not disconnected. It stays connected but it doesn’t sync automatically every time you create a new event etc. Instead, it only re-syncs every couple of hours.

This may happen for different reasons, for example if your calendar permissions have been changed or revoked, or your calendar configuration has changed.

If your calendar is showing this state, try re-syncing it manually with the above steps.

Connection issues with Google Calendar

  • Your Google account might have been updated, e.g. you changed your Google password. When trying to re-sync, make sure that you’re using the right credentials – check if you can log into your Google account with the same credentials.

  • Your Google account settings regarding Third-party apps might have changed. Check if Recruitee is allowed access to your Google account with this Google support article.

  • Your Google Calendar settings regarding visibility & sharing might have changed. Check if external sharing is allowed with this Google support article.

Connection issues with Microsoft (Outlook/Exchange) Calendar

  • Your Microsoft account credentials might have been updated. When trying to re-sync, make sure that you’re using the right credentials (username / password).

  • What version of Outlook do you use? Recruitee can only fully support Office 365 and Outlook Live. If your Outlook servers are not cloud-based (e.g. Exchange On-Premises), you might not be able to sync them with Recruitee.

If you’re still having trouble re-connecting your calendar or have additional questions, please contact us at

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