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Connect your own calendar to Recruitee
Connect your own calendar to Recruitee

Sync your Google, Outlook, or another calendar

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Connect your calendar to Recruitee and manage all events scheduled with candidates in one place.

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Syncing Google Calendar or Microsoft (Outlook/ Exchange) calendar

📌 This is a two-way sync. That means all events scheduled in Recruitee will appear in your synced calendar, and all events scheduled in your calendar will appear in your Recruitee calendar.

2. Go to the Calendars tab.

3. Click + Sync calendar.

4. Select the type of calendar you would like to sync.

5. You will now be redirected to your calendar provider to log in and give permission to sync your calendar. Once you are back in Recruitee, a popup will open to finish the calendar setup.

6. Select a calendar type. You can sync either a personal calendar or a team calendar.


It's not possible to change the type of calendar once it's synced. To switch to another calendar type - disconnect & sync again.

Team calendar events are not used in the Event scheduler.

Personal calendars are visible not only to you but also to your team members.

Team members with manage company permissions can add and delete any Team calendars.

7. Select the calendar you would like to sync from the list of calendars in your connected account.

When you select a calendar, you can restrict its access to only you to show only when you are unavailable or share all event details with all your team members.

📌 Calendars that say Can’t be synced (view-only) are calendars you have limited access to.

8. By selecting Only me, you can hide event details from other team members in Recruitee. They will then only see if you are free or busy, but not the titles of your events.

9. Click Sync now.

📌 Only in Google calendar: Event participants added via Recruitee will also be added to the synced Google calendar event as guests. Thus, the event will also appear in their Google calendar regardless of whether it is synchronized. You can only manage event participation in the Recruitee calendar.

Syncing other calendars

📌 This is a one-way sync. That means all events scheduled in Recruitee will appear in your calendar but not the other way around.

2. Go to the Calendars tab and click + Sync calendar

3. Select Other calendar.

4. Select which calendar you want to sync.

Company calendar: All events in your Recruitee Calendar.

My calendar: Events in the Recruitee Calendar that you attend.

5. Click the link to open your default calendar application and confirm you would like to sync the Recruitee calendar.

Alternatively, you may download a sync_calendar.ics file when clicking on the link. Double-click the file to open your default calendar application and confirm.

Disconnecting your synced calendar

1. Go to Settings > My account > Profile and select the Calendars tab.

2. Click the pencil icon next to the calendar you have synced and select Edit.

3. Click Delete in the bottom-left corner and confirm.

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