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AFAS integration

Forward your new hires from Recruitee to AFAS

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Do you use AFAS to manage your employee data and other HR processes? With this integration, you'll be able to add your new hires to your AFAS account with a few clicks.

If the integration is not enabled in your account yet, please follow the instructions under Setting up the integration first.

Send new hires to AFAS

1. Go to the hired candidate's profile. Click More and select Send to AFAS in the dropdown menu.

2. Check the information and correct it if necessary. Select the work email, gender, and vacancy in AFAS, pick which attachments you want to send, and optionally add further information. Click Send.

3. The candidate's profile will now have an AFAS Badge so you and your team members can see whether a profile has already been sent to AFAS. If you hover your mouse over the badge, it will display who sent the profile to AFAS and when.

In AFAS, you will find the candidate in the HR section under Recruitment and selection > Applicant.

Setting up the integration


1. Download these connectors:

2. In the General section of AFAS, go to Output > Management and select GetConnector.

3. Click Import.

4. Select the connectors downloaded in step 1 and import them.

5. In the General section go to Management and select Authorization tool.

6. Click New under User group.

7. Select Create a completely new user group and click Next.

8. Provide a name and description for the new user group. And select Manually under Enter based on and finish setting up the new user group.

9. Go to your newly created group, select Group users in the top menu, and click New to add a user to the user group.

10. Select a user you would like to add to the user group and click OK. Only one user has to be added.

11. In the General section go to Management and select App connector.

12. Click New and create an App connector with the user group you created.

13. Under GetConnectors click New to add the GetConnectors imported in step 4.

14. Under User tokens click New to create a token.

Note: You can only see and copy the token during creation, so make sure to store it somewhere. It will be needed later.

15. Under UpdateConnectors, click New and add the connector with the ID HrCreateApplicant.

💡To get help managing your processes within AFAS, you can contact Giel Vercauteren at AIMS IMPROVE, a certified service partner.

In Recruitee

To enable this integration, follow the steps below. Your role within Recruitee needs to have the Manage integrations permission.

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > HRIS and select AFAS to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Fill in your AFAS credentials and click Integrate.

  • You can find your member number in the top-right corner of the AFAS application. Make sure to paste the digits only

  • Paste the token you created in step 14 above.

4. Recruitee and AFAS are now integrated.

Under ManageSettings you can select who can view and send profiles to AFAS, and remove the integration.

What personal data does Recruitee send to AFAS?

Recruitee sends the candidate’s first name, last name, date of birth, gender, email address, phone number, cv and motivation letter, and address to AFAS.

⚠️ Additional data can be supported through field mapping. See Integration field mapping help article on how to configure fields in Recruitee.

📌 Recruitee does not save any personal data from AFAS

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