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Why is my job posting not on Google for Jobs?
Why is my job posting not on Google for Jobs?
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Once you have changed your job’s status to Published, our team will review whether your job complies with Google's guidelines. If so, it will appear as Published in Recruitee and we will add structured data to this job on your careers site.

Google can then index your careers site and the job will be posted on Google for Jobs.

Note: Indexing can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You can learn more about indexing and monitoring its progress here.

Your job posting will appear as Rejected should it not comply with Google's guidelines.

Common examples:

  • You are not actively hiring but collecting applications via an open application.

  • The company posting the job is not the actual employer hiring for it (recruitment-based companies).

Learn more about why your job posting may be rejected. Please reach out to our support team in the chat or via should your job appear as Rejected and you are not sure why.

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