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Sharing analytics with job campaign partners
Sharing analytics with job campaign partners
Updated over a week ago

Improve job targeting, as well as candidate quality and experience, by sharing analytics with job campaign partners such as job boards or job marketing tools.

Go to Go to Marketplace > Categories > Job advertising and toggle the switch next to Share analytics for the job campaign partner of your choice, for example Arbeitnow.

The job campaign partner will now be able to use our Job Campaigns Analytics API to obtain anonymized data about your job postings and candidates.

What data is shared with the job campaign partner?

  • how many visits, and unique visits your careers site had originating from the job campaign partner

  • how many candidates applied,

  • what happened after the candidate applied:

    • how they moved in the pipeline,

    • when they were disqualified,

    • when they were requalified.

Note: Only stages that you have set a stage type for can be mapped. Make sure you set stage types for your pipeline’s stages as described here.

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