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Send contracts to your new hires to obtain legally binding signatures

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Do you use DocuSign to send contracts to new hires? With this integration, you will be able to do so from within Recruitee with a simple click.

Please follow the instructions under these sections first if this isn’t set up in your account yet:

Sending a signature request

1. Go to a candidate's profile, click More, and select Send DocuSign.

2. Choose a template.

3. Prepare the document to be signed. The signer fields defined while creating the template will be auto-filled with the information of the recruiter currently logged in and the information of the candidate profile that was selected previously.

If you used special values for additional fields in your template, these will be auto-filled. Fill in any additional fields you may have added manually.

4. If you would like to send the signature request immediately, click Send now. You can skip the next section.

Creating a draft in DocuSign

1. Instead of sending the signature request immediately, you can create a draft in DocuSign by clicking Continue in DocuSign.

2. A badge will appear in the candidate profile, signifying that a draft has been created for this candidate.

3. Click Send from DocuSign at the bottom of the candidate profile to finalize and send the signature request from DocuSign.

4. In DocuSign, you can add documents, set a signing order, add recipients, or update other settings in the template that was selected. Click Continue.

5. Send the signature request within DocuSign when you are ready.

After sending the signature request

A badge will appear in the candidate profile that a signature request is in progress and who it was sent by.

A summary of the signature request will also appear at the bottom of the candidate profile under DocuSign, showing that the signature request is in progress for the signers.

As soon as one of the signers signed the document, their signature status will be Signed.

Once all signers have signed the document, the badge in the candidate profile will change into a checkmark and say that the signature request is complete.

The summary under DocuSign at the bottom of the candidate profile will also reflect this.

If you want to view the signature request in DocuSign, click Open in DocuSign.

Creating templates in DocuSign

1. In DocuSign, go to Templates and click New or select Edit in the existing template's drop-down menu.

2. If you are creating a new template, upload a document you would like signed and set what roles need to sign it.

Note: The recipient must have either the Role or Name and Email (it may contain both) filled in. When the role is empty it will display “Unnamed role” as a placeholder.

You can use the following placeholders to pre-fill names and emails in Recruitee.

You can also add someone in the cc and assign a signer order.

To assign a signer order, tick the checkbox and arrange the roles with the numbers on the left to your desired order. In the case above, the [recruiter] will receive and have to sign the document before the [candidate] receives the signature request.

Note: If the signer order is not assigned all roles will receive the signature request at the same time.

3. Select Next to configure the documents’ fields.

4. In the top-left decide for which Recipient you would like to add a field, and below on the left-hand side you can decide which fields you would like to add.

5. When selecting a field, a menu opens on the right-hand side. In the upper right, you can choose whether the field for the recipient is required to be filled or if the field is read-only, which will prevent the signers to be able to change the field.

You can add default text to a field under Add text. You will be able to adjust this text when sending the signature request in Recruitee.

The fields defined under Data label can have the following special values that will be auto-filled in Recruitee.

6. Once you’ve set up all fields, click Save and close.

Setting up the integration

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures and select DocuSign to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Recruitee and DocuSign are now integrated.

Under Manage you can connect your account, see who in your Recruitee account has already connected their account, select who can view and send signature requests, and remove the integration and individual connections.

Connecting your account

To send signature requests to your new hires, your personal DocuSign account needs to be connected.

As an account administrator

1. If you are an administrator of the account, you can do so under Marketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures, if you click Manage next to DocuSign.

2. Click Connect your account.

3. Read the information and confirm by clicking Connect now. You will be redirected to DocuSign to log in.

4. Your personal DocuSign account is now connected to your Recruitee account.

As a hiring role with the ability to send signature requests

If your hiring role is able to send signature requests as explained above under Setting up the integration, you will be able to connect your DocuSign account directly in the candidate profile when sending a signature request.

1. Click Send DocuSign

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Connect now. You will be redirected to DocuSign to sign in.

3. Your personal account is now connected to DocuSign and you can send signature requests to candidates you have access to.

Account administrators will be able to see who in the account has connected their individual DocuSign accounts under Marketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures, when clicking Manage next to DocuSign.

What data do Recruitee and DocuSign exchange?

  • Recruitee shares the names and email addresses of all parties involved in the signature request with DocuSign

  • DocuSign shares the status of each signature request (viewed, signed, or declined) per signer with Recruitee

⚠️ Additional data can be supported through field mapping. See Integration field mapping help article on how to configure fields in Recruitee.

Note: Recruitee does not save any personal data from DocuSign.

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