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Send contracts to your new hires to obtain legally binding signatures

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Do you use SignRequest to send contracts to new hires? With this integration, you will be able to do so from within Recruitee with a simple click.

Please follow the instructions under these sections first if this isn’t set up in your account yet:


  • To use the integration, your SignRequest account must be a member of at least one SignRequest team. Learn more about teams in their help article or contact SignRequest support.

  • This integration is available on SignRequest's Business plan

Sending a signature request

1. Go to a candidate's profile, click More and select Send SignRequest.

You can also send a signature request when scrolling all the way down the candidate profile, underneath the CV.

2. Choose a template.

3. Prepare the document to be signed. Select the template, check the Sender and the Contact(s)’ email addresses.

Note: The Sender email address will be pre-filled with the email address of the user currently logged into Recruitee. The Contact email address will be pre-filled with the candidate’s email address. If you have more that one contact, the last contact will be the candidate.

Under Fields you will find the additional fields you have added to your template in SignRequest with external IDs. If you used special values as described under Creating templates in SignRequest as external IDs, the fields will be pre-filled.

Fill in any fields that haven’t been pre-filled and click Send.

4. A badge will appear in the candidate profile that a signature request is in progress and who it was sent by.

A summary of the signature request will also appear at the bottom of the candidate profile under SignRequest showing that the signature request is in progress for the sender and the contact(s).

Once all signers have signed the document, the badge in the candidate profile will change into a checkmark and say that the signature request is complete.

The summary under SignRequest in the bottom of the candidate profile will also reflect this.

If you want to view the signature request in SignRequest, click Open in SignRequest.

Creating templates in SignRequest

In order to request signatures, templates need to be created in SignRequest. You can read more about templates in their help center.

In SignRequest, select Templates, and click on Create template or choose an existing one.

Under Name you can specify the template’s name.

Adjust the list of contacts; the order indicates who gets to sign first, second or have it be signed at the same time.

Note: The input fields in the template are assigned to the Contact in the order at which the email addresses are added to the contact field and are not the same as the order of signing. This means that for example Contact 1 can be the first or last signer depending on what you specified in the order of signing. The candidate information will always be pre-filled in the last Contact.

Click the fields you would like to remove or edit or add a placeholder by clicking and selecting one of the options.

If you want to add information to the document before sending the sign request (like name, address, salary, etc.) you can assign extra input fields to yourself (Sender) and add an order of signing, so the receiver will only receive the document after you've completed the input fields.

In order for this field to appear in Recruitee when sending the sign request, you have to fill in the External ID field under Advanced. If an External ID is not filled in for this field, it will not appear in Recruitee but will have to be filled when the Sender signs the document.

The fields defined under External ID can have the following special values that will be auto-filled in Recruitee:

Setting up the integration

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures and select SignRequest to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Recruitee and SignRequest are now integrated.

Under Manage you can connect your account, see who in your Recruitee account has already connected their account, select who is able to view and send signature requests, and remove the integration and individual connections.

Connecting your account

In order to send signature requests to your new hires, your personal SignRequest account needs to be connected.

As an account administrator

1. If you are an administrator in the account, you can connect your account underMarketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures, if you click Manage next to SignRequest.

2. Click Connect your account.

Verify that you would like to connect your SignRequest account by clicking on Connect now.

3. You will be redirected to SignRequest. Login and click Authorize to allow access.

4. Your personal SignRequest account is now connected to your Recruitee account.

As a hiring role with the ability to send signature requests

If your hiring role is able to send signature requests as explained above under Setting up the integration, you will be able to connect your SignRequest account directly in the candidate profile when sending a signature request.

1. Open the candidate profile and select Send SignRequest at the bottom of the page.

2. Upon clicking Connect now in the pop-up, you will be redirected to SignRequest. Log in and click Accept to allow access.

3. Your personal account will now be connected to SignRequest and you can send signature requests to candidates you have access to.

Account administrators are able to see who in the account has connected their individual SignRequest accounts under Marketplace > Categories > Electronic signatures, when clicking Manage next to SignRequest.

What data do Recruitee and SignRequest exchange?

  • Recruitee shares the email addresses of all parties involved in the signature request with SignRequest

  • SignRequest shares the status of each signature request (viewed, signed or declined) per signer

⚠️ Additional data can be supported through field mapping. See Integration field mapping help article on how to configure fields in Recruitee.

Note: Recruitee does not save any personal data from SignRequest.

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