Do you use different pipelines for different roles, departments, or regions? Create templates for pipelines you use on a regular basis to streamline your hiring process.

When editing a job, simply pick a pipeline template under Workflow.

Note: Team members can only edit pipeline templates if they have Manage templates checked in their hiring role.

Create a new template

1. Go to Settings > Templates > Pipelines.

2. Click + New template.

3. Select to create a new template from scratch or duplicate an existing template.

4. Name your template, select or create a category for it, and click Create.

5. A pipeline template with only the fixed stages will appear. Fixed stages are the initial stages in your pipeline showing the origin of your candidates. Click + Add new under Custom stages.

6. Name the stage and select a stage type.

Note: Stage types help feed data to a job's analysis. There are six default stage types you can choose from: Apply, Phone screen, Interview, Evaluation, Offer, and Hire.

7. Optionally set a time limit or click + Action to add automated actions.

8. Click Save or Save & add another.

Save an existing pipeline as a template

1. Go to a job where you are already using the pipeline and click Edit.

2. Go to Workflow.

3. Click Custom for this job next to Pipeline and select Save as template.

4. Name your template, optionally select or create a category for it, and click Create.

5. Your template will now appear under Settings > Templates > Pipelines. If you adjust the template in the settings, it will be adjusted in all jobs that use this template.

Note: Editing the pipeline in a job that uses a template will not adjust the template itself. The pipeline will then become custom for the particular job.

Switching between pipeline templates

1. Go to a job where you would like to use a specific template and click Edit.

2. Go to Workflow.

3. Next to Pipeline, click the current pipeline template’s name or Custom for this job.

4. If the selected pipeline template has different stages than the current one, stages in the new template need to be selected for the candidates to move to. Click Move candidates to confirm.

⚠️ Switching the pipeline template of a job can impact your reports. Reports only include data of the pipeline template currently selected in a job.

Manage templates

Under Settings > Templates > Pipelines, click the star next to one of your templates to set it as default. Pipeline templates always need to have a default; it will be used for all newly created jobs.

Within the template, you can also click … next to a template’s name to set it as default, duplicate, or delete it. Here you can also see how many and in which jobs the template is used.

Rearrange templates

Drag and drop pipeline templates into your preferred order within its category.

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