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Make video calls with Google Meet or Hangouts
Updated over a week ago

Have you already synced your Google calendar with your Recruitee account? Then you can schedule interviews using Google Meet or Hangouts.

Simply select Google Hangouts/Meet as the event type when scheduling an event

Pick someone that has their Google account connected to Recruitee to be the event host.

Depending on the type of synced Google calendar, a Google Meet or Hangouts event link will be generated automatically and added to the event information shared with the attendees.

Interviewers can find this link in the event information in the Recruitee calendar and in the candidate profile.

Click Start interview to join the Google Meet or Hangout.


  • Only the interviewer that created the Google Meet/Hangouts event with their synced calendar will have the Google Meet or Hangouts join information in their Google calendar event. Other interviewers have to join the interview via the event link or Recruitee.

  • If creating a Google Meet or Hangouts event fails, a Meeting event will be created instead. 

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