Overdue candidate reminders

Set time limits to track how long candidates remain in each pipeline stage and get notifications if they are overdue

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Quick response times are essential for a good candidate experience. Don't let another candidate slip through the cracks by setting time limits to track how long candidates remain in each pipeline stage and getting notifications if they are overdue. 

Having this set up in your pipeline will also allow you to filter your candidate list by overdue candidates to get an overview which candidate in your database needs your attention first. 

Set time limits 

1. Go to Settings > Templates > Pipeline to set a time limit for stages in a pipeline or go to a new or pre-existing job and go to Job > Edit > Workflow to add or edit a time limit in the pipeline for just this specific job.

2. Click the pencil icon next to a stage in order to edit it. 

3. Click time limit. Select one of the suggested time limits or click Custom to determine a custom time limit for the stage. 

4. Click Save.

Note: Time limits that are set in the default pipeline will be applied to all newly created jobs.

Pipeline stages with time limits are indicated with a time limit icon. When candidates are overdue, their card in the pipeline will have an icon indicating how many days they have been overdue.

You can also see if a candidate is overdue in a stage of a certain job in their profile. 

Easily get an overview of all overdue candidates by using filters in the candidates section. 

Receive notifications about overdue candidates

1. Go to Settings > Notifications

2. Select the notifications you would like to receive.

You can receive notifications about overdue candidates in followed jobs or talent pools, or about followed candidates being overdue. 

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