With the event scheduler, you can streamline scheduling and have your candidates choose a time slot that suits them best based on your team members’ connected calendars.

You can share event scheduler links with candidates via email. When a candidate clicks on your link, they will be directed to a landing page where they can pick a time that best suits them.

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Connect your calendar

Create an event scheduler link

Connect your calendar

To create an event scheduler link, it is vital to connect your calendar to your Recruitee account, so the event scheduler knows your availability.

⚠️ The Event scheduler only picks up your availability if your calendar is connected as a personal calendar.

Create an event scheduler link

Follow these steps to set up an event scheduler link:

1. Go to Settings > Workflow > Event scheduler

2. Click + New event scheduler link.

3. Give your event scheduler link a name, define its Date range, and how long it is Valid.

The event scheduler’s date range determines the time frame a candidate can pick a time slot from after you have sent them this scheduler link.

The amount of days it is valid for determines how much time a candidate has to pick a time slot.

4. Click + to add interviewers to the scheduler link and adjust their availability.

⚠️ Other team members should also have their calendars connected for the event scheduler to detect any scheduling conflicts.

5. Optionally enable Schedule with the first available interviewer only.

If enabled, only one of the interviewers added to the event scheduler link must be available for the interview, so the candidate has more time slot options. If not enabled, all selected interviewers must be available simultaneously for the candidate to be able to schedule the interview.

6. Optionally enable Ignore all-day events to allow candidates to schedule interviews during your all-day events.

7. Pick an Event type, duration, location, and the time zone in which the event will occur. When a candidate schedules an event with you, it is added to your calendar in this time zone.

8. If you have meeting rooms connected to your account, you can select one or more meeting rooms to book once the candidate schedules the event automatically. The availability of meeting rooms will then also be factored into the available time slots for the candidate.

9. You can add a note visible to candidates or a private note visible to team members to the event invitation.

10. You can request that team members fill out an evaluation form after the interview.

11. Click Create link.

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