Interview scheduling has always been one of the most frustrating and time consuming chores of recruiting. Event scheduler lets you schedule interviews with more than one person. It works with your synced calendar to automatically check the availability of all interviewers. When sharing an event scheduler link with a candidate, they will be able to choose a time slot that suits them and every interviewer involved.

Connect your calendar

If you haven't already done so, synchronize your calendar to your Recruitee account.

This will make sure that if you have an event in your synced calendar, the event scheduler will see that you are unavailable and candidates won’t be able to choose that time. Candidates can only choose times where you, and if applicable other interviewers, are all available.

When you have multiple synced calendars in your account, you can choose which ones you would like the event scheduler to use and check for free time slots.

You can also select whether the synched calendar is a Personal Calendar or a Team Calendar. Calendars synced as Personal Calendars will be taken into account by the event scheduler, while events in Team Calendars will not block your availability.

Leave the box Show only free/busy (hide details) unchecked if you want your events’ time and title to be visible to your team members when they view the synced Calendar. 

If you check the box, your team members will only see that you have scheduled events, but they will not be able to see the title of those events.

An event scheduler link is a link that can be shared in your email conversations with candidates (templates, slack, chat, etc.). When a candidate clicks on your link, they’ll be directed to a landing page where they can choose to schedule a time to connect with you.

To create your link, click New event scheduler link and give your link a name (for example, related to an open role, like 'Customer Success Manager'). Your new event scheduler link will appear in the event scheduler overview of all your created links.

Set up availability

Event scheduler allows you to choose when you would like to be available for each event type. You can choose the date range to limit how long you want to offer your availability in the future and when you want your scheduling link to expire to avoid being double-booked.

Set your availability when candidates can schedule events with you, add other team members to pool their availability, and decide whether you want to exclude all-day events.

Note: Other team members should also have their calendars synced for event scheduler to detect any scheduling conflicts.

Event scheduler only shows candidates the times when all team members are available. When a candidate books a time slot, all associated team members are added to the calendar event and their availability is booked.

Edit event details

Now you can decide on the event type (phone, video, or on-site interview or meeting), how long the event will take, and the event location. 

Next, select the time zone in which the event will take place. When a candidate schedules an event with you, it is published to your calendar in the time zone you set for the event.

If you have meeting rooms connected in your account, you can select one or more meeting rooms to automatically book a room once the candidate schedules the event. The availability of meeting rooms will then also be factored into the available time slots for the candidate.

Note: When setting up your event scheduler link, you can send a direct request to the other team members that they need to fill out a selected evaluation form after the interview.

What’s next? 

Now that you have set up your link, learn how to share your link with your candidates.

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