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Get started with video answers

A guide how to work with video answers in Recruitee

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You can gain more insight into your candidates in a fraction of the time by having candidates self-record video answers to your questions. Whether you’re determining a candidate’s ability to present or hoping to check for a language fluency, Recruitee's video answers are a simple, seamless way to do it.

Recruitee will store the video next to the other screening question answers in the candidate profile. This way, multiple members of your team can review the candidates' responses – saving you time in the pre-screening phase and letting you get to know your candidates a little bit better before you even meet them.

1. Go to the Application form of the job you want to add a video answer to, click on + Add new and choose the Video answer option.

2. Fill in the question that you would like the candidates to answer in the video and select the preferred duration of the video answer. 

Note: there is no file limit size when candidates upload a video.

3. Decide if you want to make the video answer optional or required and save the question.

Note: Not all job boards, like Indeed, support video answers. If you have set the question as required but candidates apply through such a job board, they will have no video answer in their application. You can ask these candidates via a questionnaire to upload a video afterwards, or you can also choose to remove the option to apply on Indeed and candidates will be redirected to the careers site to apply for this job and record the video.

4. The question is then added to the application form of the job.

Candidate Experience

Candidates recording their videos will be able to choose the microphone and camera to use for recording by clicking the gear icon and selecting their preferred options. Your candidates will have the opportunity to re-record their responses as many times as necessary before submitting.

What’s next?

You can also add video answers to questionnaires that you might send out in a later phase in the pipeline or use to improve your hiring process.

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