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Create and use disqualify reasons
Create and use disqualify reasons

Give reasons when disqualifying candidates

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When you disqualify a candidate in Recruitee, you have to choose a disqualify reason. This is to prevent you from making mistakes as well as to provide insights into your candidate database.

Create disqualify reasons

1. Click Settings in the top right corner.

2. Under Workflow, click Disqualify reasons

3. Scroll to the bottom, click + Add new.

4. Type your disqualify reason and if relevant add an action.

If you want to add an action to a disqualify reason, check out the following article in which we go into further detail about automated actions for disqualify reasons.

5. Click Save & Add another or just Save.

Use disqualify reasons

To disqualify candidates one by one

1. Open a candidate profile.

2. Click the disqualify icon for the job where you want to disqualify the candidate.

3. Choose one of the disqualify reasons you set up earlier from the drop-down menu. Automated actions are indicated with a lightning bolt (⚡).

To disqualify candidates in bulk

1. Select the candidates you want to disqualify.

2. Click the disqualify icon in the bulk actions menu.

3. Choose one of the disqualify reasons from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Disqualify.

5. If you select a disqualify reason with a lightning bolt (⚡), the assigned automated actions that will be performed are shown. You can choose to continue and perform the automated actions or choose to disqualify without actions.

Try this now in your Recruitee account!

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