Localize your careers site
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Provide a localized experience to your candidates by translating your careers site into multiple languages.

⚠️ To localize your careers site, ensure multiple languages are enabled in your company account.

Enabling languages in the CareersHub

To localize your careers site, you must first enable multiple languages.

1. Go to the CareersHub > Settings.

2. Select Languages on the left.

3. Toggle the switch next to the language(s) you want to enable.

All default text on your careers site is now available in the enabled languages. To ensure a fully localized experience, add a language picker to your careers site, so visitors can switch between languages, and translate any custom content on your careers site.

💡 You can also customize the default text of any language.

Adding a language picker to your careers site

Allow visitors to switch between the enabled languages via a language picker.

1. Click the vertical ellipsis in the Navigation or Footer section on the right and select Edit theme.

2. Toggle the switch next to Show languages and click Update.

Translating custom content

Any custom content you add to your careers site has to be translated manually in the page editor.

1. Go to the editor of the page you want to translate.

2. Switch to the new language you are adding at the top of the page.

💡 You can also translate sections while editing/ creating them without switching the language for the entire page. Simply use the language switcher in the section editor.

3. Go to a section you want to translate and click Edit section.

4. Add the text in the new language. You can copy and paste the formatting from previously existing languages.

5. Click Done, repeat for other custom sections, and Save/ Publish your page.

⚠️ Not all section types can be fully translated. For example, it is currently not possible to replace the image in an image section per language.

Switching between languages per job

Depending on your company language settings and the languages enabled for your careers site; you may have jobs available in languages in which your careers site is unavailable.

Add a language picker to your job details page to allow candidates to view jobs in these languages.

1. Go to the CareersHub and click Edit for the Job details page template.

2. In the section menu on the right, click the vertical ellipsis for the Job headline section and select Edit section.

3. Toggle the switch for Show languages.

4. Click Done and Publish your changes.

Page visitors can now switch between different languages on the job page without changing the overall language of the careers site by clicking on the language above the job title.

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