Write team notes

1. Go to a candidate profile > Look for the "Team notes" section on the right side.

2. Under "Team notes", click the message box > Write your message.


  • You can mention team members by using the format @name.
  • The mentioned team members will receive notifications if they allow for that in their notification settings.
  • You can attach files to your team note. Each file must be under 100MB.
  • All team notes are visible to your team only. Candidates don’t see these.
  • By default, all team notes are visible to all your team members (if their hiring roles allow for that).

Write private team notes


  • If someone replies under a private team note, their reply will also stay private to the group of selected team members.
  • If you want to share a private team note with a different group of team members, you will need to write a new team note and share it with that group.
  • You can only set a team note as private when you create a new one.

To write a private team note:

1. Go to a candidate's profile.

2. Under "Team notes", click "All team members" below the message box.

3. Click "Selected team members".

The message box will turn yellow, indicating that it is a private team note.

4. Click the "+" button > Select the team members you want to share your private team note with

5. Type your message.

6. Click "Save".

What's next?

You can automate writing notes in candidate profiles per job. With automated actions, you can set a trigger for when you move candidates to a new stage, or disqualify them, so that it automatically writes a note. Check out the following articles in which we explain how to setup automated actions for your pipeline and disqualify reasons.

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