Perform bulk actions in jobs, talent pools, and the candidates section

1. Go to a job/talent pool and select the Filters tab or go to the Candidates section.

2. Select all candidates you want to perform bulk actions on by checking the checkbox in the list or filtering for them and selecting them all at once.

3. Select the bulk action you want to perform from the bulk actions bar that appeared above the candidates list or scroll through the drop-down menu under More for more options.

Note: When bulk-sending an email, each candidate will only see the email sent to them, not the rest of the email's recipients. If you use an email template with the placeholder [job_offer] for the bulk email, that placeholder will pick up the name of the first job/talent pool of each candidate profile you email. Make sure the job you want to address stays at the top of the job/talent pool lists of the candidate profiles you want to email. To reorder a job/talent pool in a candidate's profile, hover your cursor to the left side of a job/talent pool and drag and drop it to where you want.

Perform bulk actions in the pipeline view of a job

Simply select the checkboxes of individual candidates or entire stages in the pipeline of your job and select bulk actions in the bar that appeared above and drop down menu.

What's next?

Bulk actions save you time - take the next step and save even more time by automating repetitive tasks. You can set up automated actions for your pipelines and disqualify reasons.

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