If your job posting is lacking certain elements, it can result in it being rejected from the job boards. You can see this in a job under the tab "Promote".

The job boards need to be able to see that it is in fact a real job that you are advertising. Most job boards therefore require certain elements, such as having a clear job title and including the category, employment type, required education and work hours. To minimize the risk of being rejected, please follow these steps:

1. Have a clear job title

The title needs to be the name of the job, rather than a description. For example, the job title “Sales Manager”, rather than “Make over €45,000 a year”. The first example is a clear and acceptable job title to the job boards, whereas the second example is a description of the job. 

2. Write an original, extensive job description.

Not only will a job description that is original and extensive appeal to candidates, but some job boards require the job ad to properly describe the job. Just a sentence or two within this section or a description that is copied and pasted from the internet may result in your job being rejected. 

3. Provide clear job requirements.

Both the job description and the job requirement are mandatory fields for the job boards. Providing clear job requirements will result in more qualified candidates applying to the job opening and decrease the chance of your job being rejected. 

4. Fill out the job details section

If you are only publishing on our career site the job details section is not necessary. However, if you decide to publish your jobs on the job boards, you need to fill out employment type, category, education and experience level. 

This will also help qualified candidates in finding your job searching for the same job details.

5. Do not use all capital letters in your Job's title.

Some job boards may not accept your job if written in all capital letters. Furthermore, it may also come off as unprofessional and detract candidates. 

If your job was rejected, feel free to reach out to the support team who will be happy to help you in optimising your job text. If you edited a rejected job posting, please let our support team know so they can forward it to the job boards again.

What's next?

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