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Prevent job boards from scraping your Jobs
Prevent job boards from scraping your Jobs

What to do when your Jobs appear on undesired job boards

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Sometimes you see your jobs appear on job boards, like Indeed, although you didn't publish them to these websites. This happens because some job boards actively scrape other websites (in most cases this would be your Careers Site) for job openings and aggregate these on their sites.

Preventing your Careers Site from being indexed
You can disable indexing for your Careers site, this will make the chances of your jobs being scraped less likely (please note that this will have effect on the Search Engine Optimization of your Careers Site).

Go to Settings > Company > Careers site and unselect Careers site indexing.

Unfortunately we are not able to completely prevent job boards from scraping your Careers Site. If jobs were scraped by a job board and you don't want these to be shown on their website, we recommend you to contact them directly and ask if they can be taken offline.

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