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Free job boards tend to allow for jobs to be present for approximately one month. Even before that, your job may begin to slowly lose traffic. In that case, you may wish to republish your job to the job boards in order to ensure visibility and gain more candidates.

⚠️ If a job posting does not expire on a job board's XML feed (ie. Indeed), it will not be possible to republish it, but it will always remain published in the Recruitee feed. Google for Jobs and LinkedIn will also remain published as they do not use XML feeds.

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How to republish an expired job?

1. Go to the job you would like to promote and select the Job boards tab.

2. Find an expired job board and click Republish.

3. Your job is now republished in Recruitee and sent to the selected job board for review.

💡 The job may take up to 2 days to be published. For more info, please contact the job board.

How to enable automatic job reposting?

Job boards have different requirements on how long a job posting remains active on their platform. Enabling automatic job reposting allows Recruitee to republish your jobs automatically when your job is no longer active after a certain period of time.

1. Go to the job you would like to republish and select the Job boards tab.

2. Enable the toggle Automatically republish at the top.

3. Any expired job boards will be automatically republished.

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