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Posting jobs on Indeed and Glassdoor
Posting jobs on Indeed and Glassdoor
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With Recruitee, you can promote your published jobs automatically to job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor for free.

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Posting jobs on Indeed

By default, Recruitee sends any job with the status Published to Indeed automatically.

💡When multiple locations are created for your job, separate job listings will be sent to Indeed for each location.

Posting jobs on Glassdoor

Glassdoor and Indeed are partnered up to streamline job posting. Meaning that all jobs you post to Indeed will also be posted to Glassdoor. This works automatically for both free and premium postings. Hence, it is not possible to directly post your jobs to Glassdoor. You can find more information about the partnership in Glassdoor’s help center.

To post your jobs on Glassdoor, make sure auto-posting is enabled in your account.

Collecting sensitive personal information on Indeed

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as social security number (SSN), bank account information, and full driver's license number are considered job seekers' sensitive information. Collecting them in the screening questions may result in reduced visibility of your job postings on Indeed. Apply with Indeed will also be disabled across your published jobs in this case.

If your job postings have been affected by this policy, you can follow these steps to remove any screening questions that ask for sensitive personal information.

💡 Indeed understands that collecting this information may be important for certain roles. However, it is encouraged for employers to collect this information after the initial application process on Indeed, during the hiring process. The enforcement of this policy is important to protect job seekers' sensitive information and maintain a safe and secure job search experience for all.

Please contact Indeed support for any questions or concerns about your job posting on Indeed.

Why is my job posting not on Indeed?

Were your jobs automatically posted to indeed, but you cannot find them?

Have a look at the Job boards tab within the job to see if it appears as Published or Rejected.

💡 Posting a job to a free job board may take up to 2 business days.

Your job posting appears as Published

There is a chance that job postings associated with your name or your company's name hit Indeed's (spam) filters, and have been filtered out or marked as spam. Indeed may also have other reasons not to post your jobs.

Please contact Indeed if the job says Published, but isn't visible on Indeed.


If you also posted a job on Indeed directly or via a different source, the job posted via Recruitee may not be visible.

If you are a recruitment-based company your jobs likely do not qualify for organic visibility on Indeed, and you may have to sponsor your jobs to gain any visibility.

💡 In the US and Canada, all jobs from staffing agencies (like Recruitee) are automatically set to sponsored-only visibility.

Please find more info in Indeed’s help center and reach out to them via this form if you have further questions.

Your job posting appears as Rejected

If your job posting does not comply with the guidelines, it will appear as Rejected.

Learn more about why your job posting may be rejected. Please reach out to our support team in the chat or via should your job appear as Rejected and you are not sure why.

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