Write Team Notes

1. Go to a candidate profile > Look for the "Team Notes" section on the right side.

2. Under "Team Notes", click the message box > Write your message.


  • You can mention team members by using the format @name.
  • The mentioned team members will receive notifications if they allow for that in their Notification settings.
  • You can attach files to your Team Note. Each file must be under 100MB.
  • All Team Notes are visible to your team only. Candidates don’t see these.
  • By default, all Team Notes are visible to all your team members (if their hiring roles allow for that).

Write private Team Notes


  • If someone replies under a private Team Note, their reply will also stay private to the group of selected team members.
  • If you want to share a private Team Note with a different group of team members, you will need to write a new Team Note and share it with that group of team members.
  • You can only set a Team Note private when you create a new one.

To write a private Team Note:

1. Go to a candidate profile.

2. Under "Team Notes", click "All team members" of a message box.

3. Click "Selected team members".

The message box will turn yellow, indicating that it is a private Team Note.

4. Click the "+" button > Select the team members you want to share your private Team Note with > Click "Save".

5. Type your message.

6. Click "Save".

Try this now in your Recruitee account! Make sure you are logged in to keep all your changes saved.

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