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Hello Boards, Bye Dashboards 🤩
Hello Boards, Bye Dashboards 🤩
Updated over a week ago
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With reporting season just around the corner, we have exciting news! Boards have landed and come with ready-made templates to help you analyze your data effortlessly.

Enjoy simpler, more streamlined analytics — whether you’re new to our reports or a seasoned pro.

What’s new

📚 Brand-new board templates

Choose from a selection of board templates populated with sample data. Toggle on “Show my real data” to preview a chosen template with your own data.

Customize your boards to fit your needs, or create an empty board to fill with your choice of reports.

✨ Boards to replace essential dashboards

We’ve designed our boards to make it easier to gain insight into the state of your hiring so you can make informed decisions — faster. Change the date range or add filters to dive deeper into the data.

Previous essential dashboards are still available for the moment. If you’re missing an old board, don’t fret. You’ll find them in the library tagged as “Old version.”

💡 New metrics and insights

Skip right to the metrics that matter to you. Our boards cover everything from the lifetime of your jobs to recruiters’ productivity.

We have organized board templates into topics based on the key features and functionalities of Recruitee: Jobs, Candidates, Pipelines, Disqualifications, Hires, Interviews, Evaluations, and Careers site.

🙋 Available for all users

Regardless of your pricing plan, you can select any board template from the library and gain access to a wide range of previously unavailable reports.

You don’t need to be a data expert to improve your hiring process — start monitoring your performance today.

Learn more about navigating the new boards here.

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