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Candidate evaluations allow you to assess a candidate's skills, and to see if they’re a right fit. In Recruitee, evaluations are forms that you fill out. You can view other team members’ evaluation requests by switching from My evaluations to Everyone’s evaluations in the top-right.


These are the evaluations assigned to you. Other team members can request you to fill out evaluation forms for candidates. Once you’re assigned to such a request, you will receive a notification. Requested evaluations are also visible on the candidate’s profile.


As soon as you evaluate a candidate, you can access the filled out form in your completed evaluations.


You can dismiss an evaluation if there’s no need for you to assess a candidate anymore. If you change your mind, you can always retrieve a dismissed request.

How to evaluate candidates?

  1. Go to the candidate’s profile.

  2. Open the Evaluations tab.

  3. Click Evaluate with form and choose who will fill out the form; you or a team member.

  4. Select the form on the next step.

  5. If you want a team member to fill out the form, they will be notified about it.

Quick evaluations

Apart from filling out evaluation forms, you can also leave short feedback about a candidate using thumbs up or thumbs down icons. Go to the candidate’s profile and click Evaluate in the top-right.

Summary score

To see a candidate's evaluations, go to Evaluation > Summary on their profile. You will see a quick rundown of all scores from all team members per job and stage.

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