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FAQ - Jobs Widget
Updated over a week ago

What code I can better use when creating a job widget on my website?

In the Job Widget section, you'll find two types of codes:

  • Code (sync): This code may potentially slow down or block your website if your Content Delivery Network (CDN) experiences issues.

  • Code (async): Using this code can prevent website slowdowns or blocks. We recommend consulting with your technical team to determine which code is best suited for your website

Is it possible to enable multi-language support for my Jobs widget?

Currently, the widget feature does not offer support for multiple languages. The Jobs widget will be displayed in the primary language used for your job listings.

How to add multiple Jobs widgets to a single page?

If you want to place multiple jobs widgets on one page then you need to adjust the following for each widget:

  • Increment container ID: <div id="recruitee-careers-2"></div>

  • Pass this ID as an option for widget instance: var widget = new RTWidget({ elementId: "recruitee-careers-2", ... });

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