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How to enable and set up Texting
How to enable and set up Texting

Start texting your candidates. It’s faster than email!

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⚠️ You will receive 50 free texts when you first activate Texting. You can purchase a separate texting subscription when you’ve used up your 50 free texts, for example, $75 in the United States / €75 in Europe (based on the main subscription’s currency).

⚠️ Please note that while we do our best to ensure the best experience for you, text messages are subject to local country and carrier regulations, which may impact the deliverability of your texts. For example, some countries or carriers may overwrite your number, preventing the candidate from replying to you. Please visit this article for more information. You can view country-specific regulations here.

⚠️ Due to French regulations restricting application to person (A2P) messaging, we are not able to provide this feature for French phone numbers at the moment.

In this article:

Note: You need the “Manage texting” permission to enable this feature.

Enabling Texting

⚠️ To enable Texting, you must consent to the processing of personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) by Twilio Ireland Limited (and its sub-processors).

To start using Texting, you must first enable the feature in your account settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Texting.

  2. Toggle on Texting.

  3. You will need to consent to data processing by Twilio.

  4. We’ll ask you to select a country for your phone number. The countries available are the United States, Canada, Netherlands, and Sweden. This number will be used to send and receive text messages through your Recruitee account.

  5. Your first 50 text messages are free, so you can start texting your candidates immediately 🎉

Activating the texting subscription

You need a texting subscription to send and receive text messages (beyond the 50 free texts you get after first enabling Texting). The texting subscription contains 1000 text messages per month.

Note: You need the “Manage texting” and “Manage subscription and billing” permissions to activate the texting subscription.

Web offer-based subscriptions

  1. Click Activate subscription in Settings > Company > Texting.

  2. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions, then “Buy now.”

You will see 1000 text messages added to your account, which you can now use to text your candidates.

Once purchased, you can view the details and manage your texting subscription under Texting or Billing in your account settings.

📌 If you cancel the texting subscription, your phone number will remain active for two months should you want to text your candidates again. After two months, the phone number will be deleted, and you can only register a new one when you activate the texting subscription again.

Manual subscriptions

⚠️ If you’re on a manual subscription, you may not be able to activate the texting subscription. In this case, please contact our support team so we can activate it for you.

A2P 10DLC registration

⚠️ If you want to send text messages to US phone numbers, you need to register for 10DLC. Please visit this article to learn more.

Overview of how many text messages you have

You will always see how many text messages you have left in the Texting section.

When you have 10% or fewer text messages left in your current billing period, it will be clearly marked in the overview, and we will send you an email reminder.

⚠️ Texting credits renew monthly, regardless of the customer’s billing cycle.

Should you need more texts before your billing cycle renews, please contact our support team via chat.

Deleting your phone number

If you wish to delete the phone number you have registered (e.g., to register a number from a different country), you can do so by clicking the horizontal ellipses and selecting Delete.

⚠️ Please note the following:

  • Once you delete your phone number, your candidates cannot text you anymore.

  • Deleting your phone number does not disable the Texting feature or cancel your texting subscription.

  • If you delete your phone number, you won’t be able to restore the same one in the future.

Canceling your texting subscription

If you wish to cancel your texting subscription, you can do so from the Texting or Billing views in Settings.

Canceling from the Texting section

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Texting.

  2. Click the horizontal ellipses next to the active subscription.

  3. Click Subscription details.

  4. Click Cancel subscription.

  5. Confirm by selecting the checkbox and click Cancel subscription.

Canceling from the Billing section

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Billing.

  2. Click the Change subscription button in the “Texting subscription” section.

  3. Click Cancel subscription.

  4. Confirm by selecting the checkbox and click Cancel subscription.

Disabling Texting

You can disable Texting at any time by clicking the toggle again.

When Texting is disabled, you will no longer see the feature in the user interface, but we’ll keep your data and setup should you want to re-enable it in the future.

⚠️ Please note the following:

  • Once you disable Texting, your candidates cannot text you anymore.

  • Disabling Texting doesn’t delete your phone number or cancel the texting subscription. If you want to stop using Texting altogether, we recommend that you first delete your phone number, cancel your texting subscription, and then disable the feature.


How many phone numbers can I register for my company?

For now, we only support registering a single phone number per company account. This phone number will be used for all outgoing texts so your candidates will always see messages from the same number, regardless of which of your colleagues send them.

Can I choose the exact number I get?

No, the phone numbers are random. You can select only the country for the number.

Is there a time limit for the 50 free text messages?

Yes, this free trial is valid for 30 days.

How are text messages counted within the available pool of messages?

Both the texts you send to candidates and those received will count towards the limit available to you. Note that when we say one text message, we mean one segment. Text messages may consist of multiple segments. To learn more about segments, character limits, and encoding, please visit What The Heck Is A Segment? and SMS Character Limit.

What happens to the texting subscription if I cancel my main subscription?

We will also cancel the texting subscription. And we’ll be sorry to see you go 😢

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