What is Recruitee Marketplace?
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Grow your business with a wide range of integrations from HR industry leaders.

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What is the Recruitee Marketplace?

From job boards, candidate sourcing, assessments to HRIS tools, Recruitee integrates with over 140 technology partners across a dozen categories. It enables Recruitee users to build a technology stack that centralizes all of their recruitment tools in one place, streamlining their recruitment process and making it more efficient.

On Recruitee marketplace, a comprehensive list of available integrations is showcased, encouraging customers to explore various possibilities for linking with other tools and helping them navigate through the necessary steps. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Recruitee has the tools and integrations to meet your recruitment needs.

💡 Read more in this article to understand how integrations can help you hire better.

How do I find integration in Marketplace?

The integrations from all categories are listed on Recruitee Marketplace. It presents each integration with detailed information, including:

  1. An overview of each Recruitee technology partner and their integrations

  2. How to get in touch with each integration partner

  3. How does each integration work

How do I activate an integration in Marketplace?

Native integrations

When the integration activation occurs in the Recruitee application:

1. Go to Marketplace and find your integration by either looking in a specific category or typing its name under the search box.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Fill in the credentials provided by the integration partner and click Integrate.

📌 We advise you to check out the help article dedicated to each integration regarding credential generation.

Third-party integrations

When the integration activation occurs in the Partner application:

1. Go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Personal API tokens to find your credentials such as Subdomain and Company ID. Click + New token in the top-right to generate a personal API token.

2. To finish setting up the integration, follow the steps in the help article dedicated to each integration.

💡 A personal API token does not expire unless a user has revoked it.

Where can I get support for an integration?

Please contact our support team in the chat, whether your question is general or technical.

You can also consult our API documentation with extensive technical resources.

How do I submit an integration request?

Didn't find the integration you are looking for? Submit a request directly in Marketplace.

For new partners, you can also check out this article to become a Marketplace Technology Partner.

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