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Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
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Send candidate data to ADP Workforce Now in a few simple clicks. The Recruitee Connector for ADP Workforce Now makes data transfer easy for your administration. Setting up the integration and sending your candidates are just a few steps away. At the moment, this integration is only accessible to customers located in the United States of America.

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Send new candidates to ADP®

1. Go to a candidate's profile. Click More and select Send to ADP in the dropdown menu.

2. Check the information and correct it if necessary. Select the Hire Date, Onboarding Template and Company Code from ADP. Click Send.

📌 If you experienced an error of Chosen template is forbidden, you can activate this template by going to your ADP account: Setup > Templates > Hire/Rehire.

Select the template from the list, and go to the Assign Users tab. Select the Profile for system users established by Marketplace Data Connector applications. Click on Next to save your changes. You can then repeat this step for other templates.

3. The candidate's profile will now have an ADP badge. If you hover your mouse over the badge, you and your team members can see whether a profile has already been sent to ADP.

💡 To prevent duplications, you will no longer be able to send the same candidate to ADP. Clicking on the ADP badge gives you quick access to manage the candidate profile(s) in your ADP Workforce Now account.

Setting up the integration

Initiating the integration in Recruitee

To enable this integration, follow the steps below. Your hiring role within Recruitee needs to have permission to Manage integrations.

📌 Don't have a Recruitee account yet? Subscribe and connect to Recruitee directly through ADP Marketplace.

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > HRIS and select ADP to Integrate.

2. Read the information and confirm by clicking Accept and integrate.

3. Click on the link to ADP Marketplace.

This action will take you to the Recruitee Connector for ADP Workforce Now® app listing.

4. Copy your ADP Token.

📌 You can either click on the token itself or the copy icon next to it. A notification will show up once it has been copied.

Purchasing the connector on ADP Marketplace

To continue setting up this integration, you will be advised to go to Recruitee Connector for ADP Workforce Now® app listing.

1. Log in to ADP Marketplace and click Buy Now to purchase the connector.

💡 You can also go to each section to review the connector details.

2. Click Edit to add the Recruitee company token in Additional Information.

3. Fill in the Token you have copied and click Save details to validate it.

📌 When the provided token is valid, you can click Next to review and complete the purchase.

Giving account consent to ADP in Recruitee

1. Click Close to go back to the Integration setting and refresh your page.

2. Go back to ADP integration and click Consent.

3. Read the information and click Go to ADP. You will be redirected to your ADP Marketplace account to provide consent.

4. Recruitee and ADP are now integrated.

Under Manage you can select who can view and send profiles to ADP, and remove the integration.

Adding team members from ADP

Allowing SSO from ADP account

To grant Single Sign-On (SSO) access for ADP users, log in to ADP Marketplace with your ADP credentials and go to Account > Assign Apps > Users. Find Recruitee Connector for ADP Workforce Now® under Assign Apps to Users, and select the users.

📌 These users will be automatically prompted to verify their Recruitee account when they go to the Recruitee Connecter app in ADP.

Importing team members from ADP

When Import admins permission is given to certain roles in Recruitee, users can also invite team members from ADP directly to their Recruitee account.

1. Go to Settings > Company > Team members and choose + Import from ADP.

2. Select the team members you would like to import, and click on Continue to send out the invitation. These team members will receive an email with instructions to join your Recruitee account.

Removing the integration

As the integration is installed on ADP Marketplace, removing it in Recruitee will only delete all data but not the entire integration.

Only when the integration has not been installed yet can you use the Remove integration button directly in Recruitee.

To fully remove the integration, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Marketplace > Categories > HRIS and click Remove integration under ADP integration setting.

2. Read the information and confirm by ticking the checkbox. Click Go to ADP to review the apps you have installed in ADP Marketplace.

3. Find Recruitee Connector for ADP Workforce Now® under Manage Apps. Go to Manage > Cancel Subscription > Select the date of cancellation, and click Continue to confirm and send this request.

4. The ADP integration is removed from your Recruitee account.

What personal data does Recruitee send to ADP Workforce Now?

Recruitee sends the candidate’s first name and last name to ADP Workforce Now.

📌 Recruitee does not save any personal data from ADP Workforce Now.

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