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Careers site analytics: How do we track careers site usage?
Careers site analytics: How do we track careers site usage?
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With Careers site analytics, you can track trends in your careers site traffic, see which candidate sources are the most effective, and how many visitors turn into candidates.

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Privacy of your careers site visitors

Careers site analytics aims to track the usage of your careers site in a privacy-friendly approach without tracking individual users.

The goal is to track overall trends in your website traffic, not individual visitors. We don’t use cookies, generate persistent identifiers, or collect or store personal or identifiable data. All of the data is aggregated data only and has no personal information.

To gather the data, we've built our own solution, which is based on the open source version of Plausible. Learn about the privacy-friendly approach that Plausible uses and take a look at their data policy.

You own your data

When using Careers site analytics, you own and control all of your data. We store the data on Recruitee’s servers, and we will stop collecting it if you choose to disable Careers site analytics.

Disabling Careers site analytics

If you don’t want to track the usage of your careers site, you can easily disable it.


Disabling careers analytics will block access to the Careers site analytics dashboard as well as any custom reports with careers metrics you may have built.

If you decide to turn it on again, data from the period when careers site analytics were disabled will be missing.

1. Go to the Careers site settings with Edit pages & settings.

2. Select Settings at the top.

3. Under General, scroll down to Careers site analytics.

4. Click the vertical ellipses and select Disable.

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