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Valuebeat (formerly Platypus) integration
Valuebeat (formerly Platypus) integration
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Valuebeat is a culture operations platform providing systematic data to help you to qualify decisions on hiring and managing your culture. This integration helps you set up unbiased culture assessments to identify what your candidates value and how aligned they are with the team that you’re hiring for. You can invite candidates to complete their Platypus Print directly from Recruitee.

Have a look at this integration in our Marketplace.

To set up this integration, follow the steps in Valuebeat's help article.

Setting up the integration in Recruitee

Go to Marketplace > Categories > Assessments and select Platypus to Integrate.

What personal data does Recruitee send to Platypus?

  • Candidate first name, last name, and email address

Note: Recruitee may process non-sensitive personal data from this partner integration, such as an assessment score or assessment status.

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