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Set up knockout questions to automatically disqualify candidates
Set up knockout questions to automatically disqualify candidates
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With knockout questions, you can automatically eliminate candidates who don’t fit your job’s requirements, disqualify them from your process, and let them know.

Follow these two steps to automize this process:

Setting up disqualify reasons

Since you have to pick a disqualify reason for the disqualifying answer of each knockout question, it is vital to set up disqualify reasons accordingly.

For example, if your knockout question asks about eligibility to work in your company’s region, this could mean setting up a disqualify reason based on ineligibility.

Disqualify reasons can give you insights into your database and help you keep track of why you disqualify candidates. Learn about creating and using disqualify reasons.

Setting up scheduled, automated emails based on disqualify reasons

Setting up automated emails for disqualify reasons helps you streamline notifying rejected candidates based on knockout questions. Scheduling emails to be sent later ensures a positive candidate experience because nobody wants to find out about being rejected right away.

1. When setting up the disqualify reason, click Add automated action.

2. Select Send an email.

3. Set up the email you would like to send to disqualified candidates.

⚠️ Make sure you specify a sender for the email.

If you pick Recruiter or Hiring Manager, the system can only send the email if these fields are specified in the job that the candidate applies to.

As candidates are being disqualified automatically, do not pick the User disqualifying the candidate as a sender for this automated email.

4. To make sure the email is scheduled to be sent later, click the arrow next to Send immediately and select by how many days you would like to delay the email.

5. Click Save.

Setting up knockout questions

You can set up knockout questions in a job’s application form or via Settings > Templates > Screening questions.

1. Toggle the switch to make a screening question in your form a knockout question.

2. Pick a disqualifying answer. Candidates that respond to the screening question with this answer will automatically be disqualified.

3. Pick the disqualify reason for the disqualifying answer in the knockout question.

⚠️ Make sure each disqualify reason you pick for a knockout question is set up accordingly with a scheduled, automated email, so the disqualified candidates don’t require any manual follow-up. You can preview the automated action of a disqualify reason in the dropdown menu by clicking on the lightning bolt icon.

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