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Request team members to evaluate candidates and manage your team’s evaluation requests.

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Request team members to evaluate candidates

1. In the candidate profile, go to the Evaluations tab and click + Evaluation.

2. In the Request tab, select a job or talent pool for which the candidate should be evaluated, and select an evaluation form that your team member should fill in.

3. Click the + under To be completed by and select team members to fill in the evaluation form.

4. Click Request now.

5. You can find pending evaluation requests in the tab with the hourglass icon.


Automatically request evaluations from team members when candidates enter a specific pipeline stage. Learn about automated actions for the pipeline.

Managing evaluation requests

You can see evaluation requests on the dashboard under Evaluations.

Use the tabs on top of the page to view Requested, Completed, or Dismissed evaluations.

You can view other team members’ evaluation requests by switching from My evaluations to Everyone’s evaluations in the top-right.

Click Start next to an evaluation request to evaluate the candidate or click X to dismiss it.

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