Become a Marketplace Technology Partner
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Grow your business with Recruitee’s Marketplace. From job boards, candidate sourcing, assessments to HRIS tools, Recruitee integrates with industry leaders. See a complete list of Recruitee’s ecosystem in our Marketplace.

To become a marketplace Technology Partner and be a part of Recruitee’s ecosystem, contact us by submitting a Technology partnership request.

Recruitee’s API documentation

We are steadily opening our APIs and expanding our ecosystem of integrated partners. We are still in the early stages and are slowly expanding our integration capabilities at this time.

Technology Partner Onboarding

The onboarding of new Technology Partners in Recruitee’s Marketplace follows these steps:

Step 1: Apply

Our Technology Partnership Team responds with the best way forward, depending on the type of integration.

Step 2: Build

You build the integration with our API. We’ll provide you with a test environment.

Once the integration is complete, send it to us for approval with a video demo of how your solution interacts with Recruitee.

💡The time required to build an integration varies per partner. However, some partners were able to complete their development in 3 days, and a few more days to get it certified by Recruitee.

Once the integration is approved, submit the marketplace listing content and a help article.

Step 3: Launch

It’s launch time! 🎉 We’ll list your integration in the Marketplace and promote it through our monthly marketing activities.

Let’s share the launch of your new integration with both of our customers.

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