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Essentials for hiring managers
Essentials for hiring managers
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Were you just added to your company's Recruitee account as a hiring manager and would like to familiarize yourself with the features most essential to you?

This article covers the following:

Setting up your account

To set up your user account, you should have received an email invitation to your company’s Recruitee account.

Note: If your company uses SSO, you should be able to log into Recruitee via your SSO tool. Please reach out to an administrator of your account to add you to Recruitee via your company’s SSO tool.

1. Click Join your team now.

2. Select a Language, Time format, fill in your details, and click Continue.

Your account is now set up, you can go through the steps of the Recruitee Academy to learn more about Recruitee.

Synchronizing your mailbox and calendar

You can find and edit your profile, email, and calendar settings under Settings > My profile.

Both email and calendar synchronization allows for two-way communication between Recruitee and your company email or calendar.

Check with an administrator in your account if you will be using the Recruitee email or sync your company email. Also, if you should synchronize your calendar.

Setting up your notifications

Go to Settings > My account > Notifications to select which notifications you would like to receive from Recruitee and how.

Check with an administrator of your company account what they think you should be aware of and choose whether you’d like to receive the notification in-app, then they will appear under the bell icon in the top-right corner of Recruitee, if you’d like to receive them via the mobile app, or via email.

Note: Some notifications require you to follow certain jobs/ talent pools or candidates. You will only receive notifications about functionalities and areas that your hiring role has access to.

Download the Recruitee App for iOS or Android to use Recruitee on the go!

Getting an overview with the dashboard

On the dashboard you can find all of your relevant to-dos and activities within Recruitee summarized in one place.

In the Calendar, you can see all of your Recruitee events of the week as well as the events from your company calendar if you have synchronized it.

Under Events, an overview of your upcoming and past events can be viewed. Click the event to open the event information or start the interview if it’s a video interview.

Under Evaluations you can find the evaluations requested from you. Click Start next to the request to start evaluating the candidate.

Under Tasks, you can find incomplete tasks assigned to you. Click a task to edit or mark it as complete.

Job pipelines

If you click on a job in the Jobs section you will see all candidates that applied to this job assigned to their current stage. Candidates applying on your careers site or added manually will land in the Applied stage, while candidates sourced with the Recruitee sourcing extension will appear in the Sourced stage, and candidates referred via the ReferralHub will land in the Referred stage.

Candidates can be moved in the pipeline by clicking on their card, dragging, and dropping them in the desired stage.

Note: If you are dragging a candidate into a stage that has a thunderbolt icon, one or more automated actions will be triggered.

When action(s) are triggered, a notification will pop up in the bottom-right of your window. If you hover your mouse over this notification, it will pause the actions from being triggered. You can then cancel individual or all of the actions.

Candidate profiles

Click on a candidate’s card in the pipeline or in the candidates section to open their profile.

Here you can get an overview of everything related to this candidate, view their details, CV, and cover letter.


Notes are often used to state observations about candidates and communicate about them with team members. They can be visible to only you, to selected team members, or to everyone. In order to tag a colleague in a note, simply use @ and select their name or simply click reply under a note they wrote.


If a colleague assigned you a task, you will be able to see it in the candidate profile as well. Tasks are usually used to call for an action of a team member. Once you’ve completed your task, you can check it off.

Set yourself or a team member due dates for tasks by clicking on the task and editing it.


You can give quick evaluations of the candidate by clicking the thumbs up or down and leave a note about your reasoning. Their overall score will then change accordingly.

If you’ve been requested to fill in an evaluation form, this can be done under the Evaluation tab in the profile. Click Start next to the request to evaluate the candidate.

You can also request evaluations from other team members. Simply go to the Evaluation tab and click + Evaluation. Make sure Request is selected, choose an evaluation form, add team members with the +, and click Request now.

Sending emails to candidates

Emails from and to the candidate are collected in the Emails tab.

Click New email to start writing an email to the candidate. You can write it from scratch or click + Insert to use Email templates. Learn how to create email templates in this article.

You can also insert Questionnaires for candidates to complete.

Insert an Event scheduler link so your candidate can pick a suitable time slot for an upcoming interview.

Once you have written your email, click Send, to send it immediately, or Send later to schedule the email to be sent later.

Scheduling events with candidates

Click Schedule in the top-right to schedule an event with the candidate.

Select the Date, Time, and Duration of the event. Under Event type you can determine what kind of event is taking place: On-site interview, Phone interview, Meeting, or Video interview (you can select from different tools depending on which video conferencing tool has been integrated in your account).

Click Continue to set up the email notifications for the candidate and interviewer(s).

Click + Insert to make use of email templates.

Learn more about scheduling events here.

Disqualifying candidates

To disqualify a candidate, simply click the disqualify button next to the job you would like to disqualify them for in their profile.

Choose a disqualify reason.

Note: A thunderbolt next to the disqualify reason indicates that automated actions will be triggered when this disqualify reason is chosen.

Do you need any help?

Reach out to our support team via the chat in the bottom-right of Recruitee.

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