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This integration will allow you to import open jobs from Recruitee to HeyJobs and post them. All generated candidates will be added to Recruitee directly. HeyJobs simply needs an API token from your Recruitee account.

Have a look at this integration in our marketplace.

⚠️ This integration adds candidates to your Recruitee account manually, so you will have to request their consent to store their data manually as well. Learn about consent requests.

Go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Personal API tokens to find your API token. If you don’t have one yet, click + New token in the top-right.

What data is being exchanged between HeyJobs and Recruitee?

  • Open jobs are transferred from Recruitee to HeyJobs.

  • Candidate information is transferred from HeyJobs to Recruitee and the status of the application (eg. Hired, Rejected) is transferred back to HeyJobs.

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