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The CareersHub is your one-stop shop to easily build your careers site, display your employer brand, and attract candidates. No coding skills and no developer needed!

To get started, read the article below or check out this walkthrough:

Getting started

You can access the CareersHub in the bottom-left corner of Recruitee. Click CareersHub and select Edit pages & settings to open it.

In the settings of your CareersHub, the first thing you will see are your Essential pages.

Essential pages consist of:

  • Careers homepage

  • Job details page.

Is your careers site still on version 1.0? Learn more about switching to careers site 2.0.

Every other page that you create will appear under Pages. That’s where you can create and edit pages to explain your hiring process, showcase your office locations, or highlight your company values.

Note: Creating additional pages is available in our Lead and Scale plans.

Page editor

Hover over any page and click Edit to open the page editor.

In the sidebar, you can see the theme and the table of contents of the page you are currently editing.


Each page on your careers site has a theme. A theme determines the page’s fonts, colors, navigation, and footer. You can see and edit the theme in the top-right of any page.


Apart from the navigation and footer, each page consists of customizable sections.

To add a new section, click Add section in-between two sections. This will open the Section library where you can choose between section types: Text, Image, Gallery, List, Map, or Jobs. Click on a section to add it.

Once added, you’ll see all page sections in the table of contents on the right.


Go to the Settings tab to edit the general settings of your careers site. That’s where you can manage your careers site’s favicon and default social image, legal agreements added to your application forms, your careers site’s cookies, custom code, and languages.

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