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Schedule your jobs to be published and closed automatically
Schedule your jobs to be published and closed automatically
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Set up dates to publish and close your jobs automatically to streamline your workflow.

📌To schedule jobs, your hiring role must have permission to Publish jobs.

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Scheduling jobs

1. Go to the Jobs section and select Edit next to a Job you would like to schedule.

2. Under the Job posting tab, click the schedule icon.

3. Select a publish and close date, set the timezone if applicable, and click Schedule.


You can schedule publish and close dates for jobs with the status draft or internal use. If your job is already published, you can only schedule a close date.

If you schedule your job to be published today, you’ll see a confirmation box after clicking Schedule, reminding you that it will be published on your careers site immediately.

Scheduled jobs will be published at the beginning (at 0:00) and closed at the end of the day (at 23:59) they are scheduled for.

Your job will only be published if you have free job slots available at the scheduled publish date.

If you only set a close date, remember to publish the job beforehand. Draft jobs will not be closed if they are not published in the first place.

Once a close date is set, a ‘validThrough’ parameter will be added to the structured data on your careers site, allowing Google for Jobs to know when to take your job posting offline. This will improve your posting’s ranking on Google for Jobs. You can learn more about structured data here.

4. Your job is now scheduled to be published. Click on the button, including the scheduled dates, to edit them.

5. To delete all scheduled dates, edit both the publish and close dates and select Clear.

Scheduled dates for jobs are also visible in the Jobs section. Select the Scheduled filter in the top-left to show only scheduled jobs.

If you are using the table view, you can adjust the columns to show your scheduled publish and close dates and sort by them.

As scheduled publish and close dates disappear when the job is published, archived, or closed, you can add columns showing your jobs’ actual publish and close dates.


A publish date reflects when a job was last published or set as internal use. Setting a published job for internal use, or vice versa, will not update the publish date.

A close date reflects when a job was last closed or archived. Closing an archived job will not update the close date.

Republishing a closed job will clear the close date and update the publish date.


Enable notifications about status changes in the Notification settings under Followed jobs or talent pools to keep updated on the scheduling of your jobs.

We will notify you about the following:

A job has been scheduled.

Scheduled dates have been updated.

The job status of a scheduled job has changed automatically.

A scheduled job failed to be published.

A scheduled job failed to be closed.

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