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Why was my candidate's CV not parsed correctly?
Why was my candidate's CV not parsed correctly?
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Our CV parser reads your candidate's CV in order to extract and process its data in Recruitee so you can easily evaluate the candidate based on your own criteria, for example with the help of profile fields.

In order to convert the information from the CV and process it, we make use of third-party CV parsing software. Unfortunately, every now and then it can happen that the CV cannot be parsed or the information is not extracted accurately. Below are known cases where this may happen.

CVs without an email address

If a file uploaded as the candidate’s CV does not have an email address, the system is unable to recognize the file as a CV and therefore will not be able to parse it.

Note: In case the candidate’s CV was added via email, the email will land in the non-candidates folder under Team email in your mailbox and can be converted to a candidate profile manually.

Several documents are uploaded as CV

Sometimes, a single file including several documents such as the CV, motivation, recommendations, etc. is being uploaded as the CV in Recruitee. This will cause the entire document to be parsed and can sometimes lead to other email addresses being recognized as the candidate’s email address. We suggest double checking the information parsed in such cases to make sure the correct email address was parsed.

CVs that are not parser-friendly

Some documents uploaded as a candidate’s CV may not be parser-friendly, meaning that the document cannot be read by the parser. In most cases this happens if a CV is highly visual.

If a candidate’s CV was not parsed by the system, you can check the following:

  • Is it a Word, PDF, or ODT file?

  • Are you able to highlight the text in the uploaded document, especially the email address?

  • Was a standard, web safe font used? (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, etc.)

  • Is the email address of the candidate in the header or footer of the document?

  • Was the CV scanned manually? If so, is it searchable?

  • Is the document protected?

If the document or the email address in the document are not readable due to the points mentioned above, it may not be possible to parse the CV correctly.

Furthermore, mistakes in parsing the content of the CV may happen due to the machine learning rules of the parsing software.

If you have any doubts about why a document was not parsed correctly, please reach out to our support team in the chat or via

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